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Savyra | Illustrator and visual communicator, Cape TownMy name is Savyra Meyer-Lippold and I’ve been an illustrator for 25 years.

It’s such mysterious fun when I look at a new brief and the ideas flow drop in from who knows where. Currently downloading in Fish Hoek near Cape Town.

Well… someone has to keep an eye on the beach, may as well be me.

Illustration is what I do all day, most days. It can also creep into my design, animation, photography, puppet-making and props. Because – doesn’t everything begin with a drawing? Maybe the pyramids, even… who knows?

Photography can also become part of the illustration, as reference or in a collage.

My writing (scripts, courses or screenplays) also usually produces something visual. So I guess visual communicator is much closer to the truth.

Enough blather. What are you looking to have done?


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