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Mermaid 16-17

Children’s book illustration

(Mermaid story by Lisa Suhay for
ForKids, Norfolk)

style: fotomelt combined with softline
and collage for the textures in clothes


Illustration: Weather chart (English) classroom materials; early childhood development

‘Weather’ wall hanging: classroom materials

(ECD Works, Cape Town).
style: icon.


The Thing - illustration for poem

The Thing

(Cambridge University Press, Cape Town).
style: zen japanese.




(‘All You Need Is Love’, Endemol Productions).
style: airbrush.


 Children's picture book

Storyboard: ‘Shooz’,

animation series in progress; private project
style: tinted strokes.


Illustration: Weather chart (stormy) classroom materials; early childhood development

‘Weather: Stormy': Classroom materials

(ECD Works, Cape Town).
style: icon.PG_14_Nkoranteng

Nkoranteng: Boy from Ghana

(Shuters, Pietermaritzburg).
style: squishy hard line.



Illustration for story

(Chatterbox school magazine, Cape Town).
style: loose scribble.


Little Red Riding Hood

(Juta Gariep, Cape Town).
 style combines loose scribble and squishy hard line.


AIDS comic

(AMD Durban).
style combines squishy hard line & airbrush.

Frame from comic book (Rainbow Readers)

Cambridge Univ Press, Cape Town)
style combines zen zany and fotomelt.


Illustration; Pen & colour style: Interior of the Gateway to Robben Island.

Interior of the Gateway to Robben Island.

Artist’s impression: Mandela Gateway

(Robben Island Museum, Cape Town).
style: pen & colour.


 Illustration: combined collage & tinted strokes styles; map of Canal Walk/Century City, Cape Town

Map: Canal Walk, Century City, Cape Town,

Young & Rubicam, Cape Town.
style: tinted strokes.


Animated gif: character design

 Dave Britzius, who makes aircraft simulators.
style: airbrush.