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Savyra | Illustrator and visual communicator, Cape TownIllustrator and visual communicator:

Illustration is the core of all the work I do. 24 styles await you – so if you hire me you get 24 illustrators free.

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My name is Savyra Meyer-Lippold and I’ve earned my living as an illustrator for 25 years. Currently I download my inspiration in Fish Hoek near Cape Town.

Illustration is what I do all day, most days. Photography is also part of my work, as reference or in a collage. I also like to do animation, writing, and making things generally.

Use my site in one of these 3 ways:
  • Find specific things via the search box (see below) or the sitemap.
  • Click to browse the 24 styles.
  • Or – cut to the issue at hand and click on any of the categories below to see how others used my work to solve something like your current project.

What are you looking to have done? Get in touch and we can talk about one of these:

introduce your new brand.
promote an existing brand.
empower people.
announce an event.
simplify what is complex.
edutain children.
make ideas visible….

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