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Savyra_illustrator and designer, Cape Town

A Cape Town-based illustrator also doing animation, writing and photography, my work as an illustrator gives me the biggest buzz, as does working with interesting people and creative challenges.

Right – there are three ways to use this site:

  • Find specific things via the site map.
  • If you want to look for a suitable style, browse through the 24 styles
  • Or – click one of these ‘final outcome’ links below and see how other clients used my work:


introduce a new brand.


promote an existing brand.


empower people.


announce an event.


simplify what is complex.


edutain children.


 make ideas visible.

Happy clients include those working in the following industries among many others:

educational publishing: Cambridge Univ Press | Shuters | MML/Pearson

hospitality: Hermanus Esplanade | 45 Marine Drive, Hermanus.

events and workshops: Iziko Museums | Centrepeace.

large and small businesses: Dave Britzius | ECD Works.

training, communicating and developing adults and children: C T Child Welfare, Centrepeace.

Past glories:

Download a company overview for the illustrated history. If you can bear it,  here are more details, less pix.

portfolio_iconOr- relax and put the kettle on while you download  and print this portfolio on the left, which is a flying visit through my 24 styles. Or just read the thing online if you have South African bandwidth.

These are the other 24 illustrators at the service of my clients. I combine many of these for clients producing school text books. It also makes every job more fun as an illustrator of text-books specifically. Because when the illustrator gets bored, it shows straight away, and then end-users get bored as well. So – best to keep oneself smiling as the pictures build.

Once this portfolio is on your screen or printed and on your desk, go through it at your leisure and you’re bound to find something that will fit your particular purpose. If you want to print and file it, please do. This is a good way to get the general feel of my work at the same time.

Want to forward it to others? A great idea – it’s an interactive pdf document if viewed on-screen. The most important links appear on the back, and lead to more info on this website.

(May need some assembly. Batteries and interwebbity not included.)

So – hire me, get 2 dozen free.